Luggage transport on the Camí de Ronda

The enterprise has recently started offering luggage transport for hikers on the Camí de Ronda (i.e. on the GR 92 section on the Costa Brava). The service is even tailored to the stages we propose! So if you are interested in a hike with luggage transport, you will find what you are looking for there from now on. The taxi company based in Roses (stopover from Stage 3) is run by German-speaking owners who can also be easily reached by telephone.

So you can plan your hike completely individually, book hotels and guesthouses according to your taste and from now on you also have the option of booking luggage transport. A few tips and restrictions on what you should consider when transporting luggage:

  • Luggage is generally transported from hotel to hotel during the day (pickup after breakfast). When you arrive at the hotel, you should let them know that the suitcases will be picked up by Costa Brava Taxi the next day and also inform the next hotel that the suitcases will arrive before you. As a rule, you will not see the taxi drivers at all.
  • When booking overnight stays, you should avoid accommodation without a 24-hour reception - otherwise there may be problems with luggage collection or luggage delivery. Better not to book apartments or AirBnB rooms! And let each accommodation know that Costa Brava Taxi will pick up or drop off the luggage.
  • A clear labeling of the luggage with details of the next destination hotel is recommended to prevent misunderstandings.
  • When planning the stage, it must be taken into account that an overnight stay at the starting point of the first stage must be planned. Otherwise it will be difficult to hand over the luggage. In concrete terms, this means: you spend the night before stage 1 in Portbou and only hike to Llançà the next day. On the other hand, if you are traveling without transporting your luggage, you could also arrive in Portbou in the morning and start hiking straight away (half-day hike). Unfortunately, this is not possible with luggage transport.
  • In our stage descriptions we have mentioned different variants in several places - but CostaBravaTaxi does not cover all variants. Specifically, the following restrictions must therefore be taken into account:
    • After stage 3 you have to spend the night in Roses - the variant "Overnight stay in Empuriabrava" is not possible. For this, the luggage transport for stage 4 (from Roses to L'Escala) is calculated in such a way that the taxi driver picks up your luggage and you in Roses and drives a short detour to bring you to the starting point of stage 4 in Empuriabrava.
    • An overnight stay in the Hotel Cala Joncols on stage 3 is not possible.
    • However, it is entirely possible to spend two nights in Cadaqués.
    • Stage 10 is not covered by luggage transport. The final destination for luggage transport is Tossa de Mar.
  • The prices calculated by CostaBravaTaxi refer to the capacity of a taxi, so it is possible to share the luggage transport with several people (assuming the same accommodations, max. 5 medium-sized suitcases + 5x hand luggage)

Bookings are made using the form below . A lead time of at least one week is requested. In addition, all accommodation must be confirmed at the time of booking luggage transport. By the way, airport transfers are also available there.

We would be happy to receive feedback on luggage transport!


  1. HI – I am thinking of hiking 4-7 days on the cami de ronda in early April (either the week of April 4-11 or April 11-18). We would be either a group of 4 or a group of 8. We would be happy with very inexpensive, basic hotels/hostels, either 2 to a room or 4 to a room. Could you give me a rough sense of how much we should budget for such a trip, and if you think the weather in April would be okay? We don't mind colder weather as long as it is safe.
    The other question I had was about luggage transfer. We might be interested in just leaving most of our luggage somewhere at the beginning of the trip, and then might have it transferred once, to the end of the trip. in between we'd carry all of our stuff. is this something that is possible and do you know what the cost might be (about 2-4 medium bags)? the luggage transfer company would need to hold onto our luggage for 4-7 days as part of it unless there is a hotel at the beginning that might do that.
    thanks so much, any help or advice is really appreciated. Jeff

    • Hello Jeff,
      thanks for your questions! In april the weather should usually be nice. So far, only February/March has been reported as critical due to frequent, strong storms.
      Accommodation costs: The easiest way to check this is to use our planning table and enter 4 adults on (Link planning table). Sometimes there are already offers from 50€ (for 4 adults). In the more expensive places you have to reckon with 120€ (for 4 adults). The more expensive places include Cadaqués, Torroella de Montgrí and Begur.
      Luggage storage: The easiest way would be to temporarily store your luggage in Barcelona (information: We have already checked in our luggage at “Locker Barcelona”. If this is not suitable for you, there might be something in other places, e.g. in Girona, where you will definitely pass by train ( A combination of luggage storage and luggage transport is not possible in my opinion.
      All questions answered?
      Good luck and have fun hiking!

  2. Hello Frank
    Got a specific problem...our family will be cycling from Avignon to Barcelona in October. The Cami Ronda is unsuitable for bikes from what I've found on the web.....we would love to do a piece of the camis you know if the bikes could be transported as 'luggage'?
    Thanks for your answer

    • Hello Myriam,
      As far as I know, the provider "Costabravataxi" also regularly transports luggage for bicycle group trips. There will probably already have been one or the other replacement bike. Just ask there - they speak German and can certainly help you.
      Many greetings

  3. Thank you very much for the quick reply!! The website is great by the way! When you say they transport spare bikes, does that mean that you can do (possibly just parts of) the Cami by bike?

  4. Buenas tardes

    Estoy calculando y intentando hacer todo lo posible para poder hacer unas etapas en concreto creo que 8 desde el día 1 hasta que termine las etapas.
    Etapa 1 Portbou – Llançà me alojaría hostal por bou la primera noche . Pasaria noche en llanca.
    Etapa 2 Llancá -caduques- Me alojaría en caduques dos noches .
    Etapa 3 Cadaques -Roses Me alojaria en Roses 2 Noches . Cogería taxi hasta Empuriabrava
    Esto no lo tengo claro me gustaría ir hasta Begur pero en algún medio de transporte no se si sera posible para poder hacer la ruta Etapa 7 Begur Palamós.
    ¿Como ves lo que planteo merece la pena hacer alguna ruta mas?
    Según lo que planteo donde podria dejar mi coche para hacer todo este itinerario , no se donde dejarlo .
    Muchas gracias

    • Hello Jonathan,
      sorry for my late reply. Your plan actually sounds pretty good, but why do you want to spend two nights in Roses? If I understood you correctly, you want to skip some stages from there and come to Begur. Unfortunately, this is only possible with multiple changes and takes at least three hours (Link: I would actually advise you against it.

      The best place to park your car is in Figueres (e.g. here: and from there take the train to Portbou. At the end of the hike, it is relatively easy to get back to Figueres by bus. If you actually hike to Palamós, Girona would also be an option as a parking space (parking spaces are also available via
      I hope this helps you with your planning.
      Many greetings

  5. bon jour
    There is a problem of transport for 1 bagage in Seulement, on the GR92.
    Voici nos tapes:
    Collioure-Banyuls 17/05/22
    Banyuls-Coléra 18/05/22
    Coléra-El port de la Selva 19/05/22
    El port de la Selva-Cadaques 20/05/22
    Cadaques-Roses 22/05/22 (and non pas le 21/05/22)
    Thank you for your advice

  6. We are arriving to hike on Saturday and Costa Brava Taxi just canceled our luggage transfers on the GR-92 at the last minute! We are a mother-daughter hiking from San Feliu to Begur. Can anyone give us last minute advice?? We are distressed after all the planning.

    • Hello dear M. Dial!
      I just got off the phone with Costa Brava Taxi - you seem to have misunderstood each other. According to Costa Brava Taxi, you had asked, but in the end no booking was made because the desired route was not feasible.
      As a last-minute piece of advice, your only option is public transport when you arrive (see And for luggage transport, you could possibly ask for a local taxi company at the first accommodation. You only seem to be hiking in two stages, which definitely seems doable to me.
      However, it is high season right now and the taxi occupancy is correspondingly high... I wish you the best of luck and have a nice holiday anyway!
      Many greetings

  7. Hi
    Within 2 weeks we are gone walk gr92 with a dog. Do you know how we can get back to the starting point with a dog. May we take the bus or how should you arrange it.?
    Thanks already for the answer

    We also have a mobile home with us but we can't replace it every day I think

    • Hello Rina,
      It is indeed difficult with a dog: I had already researched this (see Reply to Mira). This means that dogs may not be allowed on many bus connections. In my opinion, there are also size restrictions for pets on trains in Spain (only smaller than 10kg). If your dog is smaller, the combination of taxi and train could be a solution for the return journey.

      Also a safety note: The Costa Brava is unfortunately partially exposed to increased theft crime (especially near the motorway). Hence the recommendation to store your vehicle safely and/or to insure it properly. A caravan that has been left on the street for several days could possibly arouse desires. See also the "Crime" section on the website of the German Foreign Office:

      I hope this helps you with your planning and you find a good solution for your travel and hiking plans!
      Many greetings

  8. Hello Frank,

    What does that mean? I would like to email it with a word.
    Same met a not je uit Canada zou ik graag zonder gids en zonder groep het 1e traject van de GR 92 lopen.
    Is it possible on the other way to our tent on the street, in a (wild) camper?
    Where is the camping on the route?
    I'm hoor graag van je.

    Groetjes Monique

  9. bon jour
    Très decue par Costa Brava Taxi. Beaucoup de difficultés à avoir un interlocuteur ou une réponse par mail, puis supplément de prix. Les impératifs de dépôts et reprises des sacs sont vraiment très contraignants lorsque l'on randonne. It is always present and between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm!!!!!! En plus lorsqu'ils ne vont pas à la bonne adresse, pas de sac. Ils ne nous ont pas appelé.Nous avons été obligé d'all rechercher nos sacs à nos frais( Roses Cadaques).
    Cette entreprise devrait associate ses conditions pour les randonneurs. Nous avons fait Collioure—Begur. Les deux premieres tapes avec des taxis de France.

  10. Recti : Il faut être toujours presented a la prize des baggages et ce between 9:00 and 12:00

    • I'm sorry for that. That 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. is correct – however, the idea behind it is that the hotel or guest house is present when the luggage is picked up or received (not you yourself). According to everything I've heard so far, this works very well - but not for holiday apartments, AirBnb rooms or all accommodations where there is no reception. If you clarify this beforehand and take it into account when booking accommodation, I think Costa Brava Taxi is a great addition to hiking on your own.

  11. Hi, We will be hiking from Collioure to Cadaques over 4 days in April next year. Do you know of any providers who will transfer bags for this hike? Costa Brava taxi would work for the part of this hike in Spain but I can't seem to find a provider who operates on the French side.

    • Hello Alison,
      Unfortunately, I don't know the French side. You would probably have to call a taxi on the spot and send your luggage ahead.
      Many greetings

  12. If you want to know what is possible, you can have one or two stages on the bus. Nous sommes 5 people et pe que certaines d'entre elles voudront prendre a pause de marche entre certaines étapes.

  13. Hi Frank,
    Me and my friend want to walk part of the camino de ronda in the third week of April. Walk a part every day for about 5 days and sleep in a different facility every night. Could we use the costa brava taxi you mentioned for a daily pick up and dropping of our luggage?

    • Hello Elsa,
      yes, that's exactly the idea behind it. As soon as you have booked your accommodation and the addresses for pickup and delivery have been determined, you can book the appropriate luggage transport with Costa Brava Taxi. The taxi drivers will pick up your luggage during the day when you are already on the hiking route.
      However, you have to stick to the suggested stages, as Costa Brava Taxi's prices are tailored to them. Other places to stay overnight are not possible or cannot be covered at cost.
      Many greetings

      • Thank you Frank,
        Just to be sure, do we have to stick with the stages suggested by Costa Brava Taxi's of do you mean that we have to stick to our plan once we have shared that?
        Kind regards,

        • Hello Elsa,
          The former is correct - Costa Brava Taxi's calculation is based on fixed stages. Costa Brava Taxi was based on my suggested stages (i.e. 1:1).
          Many greetings

  14. Hello Frank
    Thank you for the great website and the many tips!
    Question: Is the luggage transport offer still valid? I have not received a confirmation of my online order from Costabrava Taxi or a response to my query by email. Our start date is slowly approaching...
    Thank you and best regards

    • Hello Barbara,

      Well, I don't know anything else - last year they even added additional intermediate stages and variants to their offering. Maybe you'll give them a call? The owner also speaks perfect German. Emails can sometimes get lost in the spam filter...

      Many greetings

  15. Hi Frank,
    Is Costa Brava Taxi still in business? I've emailed them twice over the course of two weeks but haven't heard back for a six night, five stop trip in late April. Thanks for any assistance.

  16. Hello Frank, we went on a great hike from Portbou to Begur. The luggage transport with Costa Brava taxi worked out great, but the passenger transport from Roses to beyond Empuriabrava was at the mercy of the taxi driver and had to be paid for separately (ie twice).
    Otherwise everything is wonderful, best regards – Fredi.

  17. Hello

    Which hotels or accommodations are recommended or suitable in Portbou?

    So that the Costa Brava taxi luggage transport works...
    There should always be someone (from the accommodation) on site when you pick up your car.
    Accommodation very limited in Portbou..

    Greetings Margot

  18. Frank, thank you for all the information!

    The luggage transport with CostaBravaTaxi worked well.

    However, there were problems with the passenger transport from Roses. I couldn't reach anyone by phone to find out the time and when no one was there at 9:15 a.m., I took another taxi to the starting point.

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