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Have you already been on the Camí de Ronda/GR 92 and have further tips? Then we look forward to your comments!

If you are planning to hike the GR 92 and have questions about the hike, please feel free to ask them here. We will do our best to answer them here.

Recommendation for further long-distance hikes

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You can find current impressions from other hikers on Instagram at #GR92.


  1. First of all, thank you for the detailed description. I only have one question about the footwear for the terrain to be hiked. Do you need hiking boots or are trainers or hiking sandals enough?

    • Hello Wolfgang,

      actually, I would definitely advise ankle-high hiking boots and not just hiking boots: on the one hand because of the stability when hiking with 10-12kg of luggage, on the other hand because of the terrain on some sections.
      Directly on stage 1, for example, you walk over quite a lot of scree, on other supposedly easy beach stages you climb over rocks for hours.

      Unfortunately, we did the hike with flat hiking boots. That worked somehow, but in many places we would have liked hiking boots.

      I strongly advise against trainers and hiking sandals! Don't be fooled by the beautiful weather and the lovely landscape :-)

      Many greetings


    • Dear Frank, I ran the first three stages with a friend at the beginning of October. We split the last one up and stayed at the Hotel Cala Joncols. As a result, we were a bit “underchallenged” in terms of sport:), but the hotel is really very nice and recommended as a stopover. Overall, we really enjoyed the hike, especially the numerous swimming opportunities. From our point of view, the beginning of October is an ideal time for this hike. The sea was a bit cool, but the temperatures were very pleasant at 20-25 degrees. We traveled from Munich by train with an overnight stop in Lyon and can also recommend this :). Thank you very much for your great site!! I have already done several of your hikes; Without your instructions I would never have thought of it, so I really owe you a lot of wonderful holiday experiences :).
      Kind regards, Barbara

      • Hello Barbara,
        Unfortunately I'm just now getting around to reading your comment. It's great that you had such a great time!
        Many dear greetings

        • Hello, we are thinking about running a section with our children. Do you have any experience with children? Or do you have tips as to which stage would be easy to do? Maybe there is a nice stage that can be broken down again so that the daily goal is not that high. My first thought would be to run stages 8 to 10?
          I would be very happy about an answer

          • Hello Natalie,

            We have no experience hiking with children. When hiking with children, there is a rule of thumb: “age times 1.5” (source: https://www.merkur.de/reise/klappt-wandern-kindern-ratgeber-reise-479807.html). At the age of 4, the distance should not be significantly more than 6 km, with 100 meters of altitude counting as one kilometer.

            Stages 8-10 are not so suitable - stage 9 is one of the longest and most demanding and can hardly be divided into two parts.

            I would rather use stages 1-3 as a starting point for planning. Stage 1 is short anyway. Stage 2 can easily be divided into two parts (stop in El Port de la Selva). You can either skip the second part of stage 2, take a taxi at the beginning and/or do half-day hikes in different directions from El Port de la Selva or Cadaqués.

            Many greetings

  2. Your descriptions sound so beautiful that we immediately wanted to walk the route in September. Unfortunately, we don't have much time and are thinking of starting in Empuriabrava. Can you tell us the best way to get there from the airport (Girona)?
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Yours sincerely,

    • Hello Pauline,

      yes September is a great time of year for this hike!
      Due to your enquiry, I have now found out how to get from Girona airport. here on the website described. I still had that on my list as an addition anyway :-)
      Many greetings

  3. Hello Frank,
    I am in the process of planning my hike on the Cami de Ronda, do you know if there might be a way to have the luggage transported from place to place? If I understand correctly, you booked each accommodation in advance and hiked with luggage, right?
    Many greetings

    • Hello Lisa,

      Unfortunately, I don't know of any providers who offer luggage transport for individual hikers on the Camí de Ronda. You would probably have to book a complete package through a hiking tour provider.
      After several hiking trips, we have now managed to optimise our luggage to 10kg + water supply (see also our packing list) and therefore always hike with luggage. This way we are flexible in terms of route planning and accommodation.
      Many greetings

  4. Hi Frank, sensational webpage, great job, especially the pictures and the maps. Thank you very much.
    We became aware of the coastal path through 2 friends. Do you have any experience of doing the walk at the end of October, regarding weather and availability of accommodation?
    Many thanks and greetings

    • Hello Ralf,

      Thanks for the compliment :-) Accommodation should not be a problem at the end of October, only from November onwards the choice becomes less. But there are no more peak season prices in October.
      As for the weather: According to the climate diagram, an average of 4 rainy days is expected in October, just like in September, only the temperatures drop a little. So it's great for hiking in October, but you may not be able or want to swim in the sea every day.
      I once lived in Barcelona for a year, and with a bit of luck you could go on beautiful hikes in a T-shirt even in December...

      Many greetings from Hamburg!


  5. Hello Frank, yes, this is a very fine site, with all the information you need, and the GPS downloads also work perfectly, which is not a matter of course everywhere. Now my question: We wanted to go there in March. Is there anyone who has experience there at this time of year and can say what the climatic conditions are like? Saludos. Willi

    • Hola Willi,

      gracias :-)
      According to Climate diagram it is often sunny in March, but the temperatures are still rather fresh (on average 5 degrees colder than in October!).
      Hiking is certainly possible, but bathing is something for the very brave...
      It depends on what you value.


  6. Hello Frank,

    would like to do the tour at the end of October. Now I like to carry my hotel around with me. To what extent are there possibilities for camping there. Last year at the same time of year, there were no problems on Mallorca and you were allowed to pitch your tent somewhere for one night, as long as you didn't act up. Maybe you can tell me something about that.
    Thank you very much!

    • Hello Jacob,
      There are many camping sites on the Costa Brava, some of which are open all year round, so camping and hiking should not be a problem. Unfortunately, as in many other countries, wild camping is prohibited in Spain. This is especially true in nature reserves such as the Cap de Creus, for whose protection there is even a separate law: Ley 4/1998, de 12 de marzo, de Protección de Cap de Creus).
      Although I don't have any wild camping experience on the Costa Brava myself, I assess the situation in such a way that people there - at least in the immediate vicinity of the coast - react less tolerantly to wild campers. The region as a whole is too popular and also relatively densely built-up. What I think is possible is a combination of campsites (for all stages near the coast) and sleeping in the forest (for stages that lead through the hinterland).
      Or you can do another tour: in the Catalan hinterland there are numerous possibilities, e.g. in the volcanic area "Garrotxa" around Olot (see also the hiking trail network at http://www.catalunya.com/karte).

      In any case, good luck!


    • Hello Jacob,
      I hope you see this message, even though it's been a while since you commented here. Did you hike the route as planned with a tent? What were your experiences, especially with regard to wild camping? I would actually also like to travel with a tent, among other things to keep my budget as small as possible. How were the prices at the campsites?
      LG and many thanks in advance

      • Bonjour Emma Bonjour Franck
        Je vais descendre le chemin a partir de Banyuls. J'ai une tente et aimerai camper. quelqu un at il des conseils pour les différents camping jusqu'a Roses?? thank you avance

  7. Hello Frank,

    Many thanks for your great site with its many valuable tips! We were on the GR 92 from Portbou to L'Estartit from 8-12 October and with your site the planning was very easy. Because we wanted to get to know the Cap de Creus better, we spent a second night in beautiful Cadaqués and hiked to the lighthouse. Now, at the beginning of October, the weather was perfect for hiking with temperatures a little above 20 degrees, so we could even jump into the sea.

    Best regards,

    • Hello Stephanie,

      Many thanks for the feedback! Recently, some questions have arisen here about the climatic conditions, especially in October. Your concrete experience report helps a lot!
      And the Cap de Creus is really beautiful :-)
      Many greetings

  8. Hello Frank,
    super site - great job!
    My wife and I are planning to walk the GR92 in mid Sept 2018.
    What do you think, do we really have to book in advance or can we find a place at this time of the year?
    for 2 people always somehow a pension/room?
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Many greetings
    Heike & Jochen

    • Hello Heike and Jochen,
      From mid-September onwards, I think it should also be possible to book accommodation at short notice, as the summer holidays are already over in most European countries by then. However, Catalonia's bank holidays is on 11 September, and in 2018 it falls on a Tuesday, which makes a long weekend possible for many Catalans. Depending on when you start hiking, I would book the nights for this weekend well in advance. Especially if you book only one night, there might be bottlenecks or it might be much more expensive.
      The range of accommodation on the Costa Brava is basically very wide and varied. However, in the following places the offer is somewhat more limited or the demand is very high:

      • Stage 1 - Llançà: there are more holiday flats here than hotels/pensions.
      • Stage 2 - Cadaqués: due to its fantastic location, demand is very high (especially at weekends, even out of season).
      • Stage 5 - Torroella de Montgrí: due to the location in the hinterland, there are only a few hotels/guesthouses here.

      Maybe you just pre-book for stage 1 and stage 2 and leave the rest flexible?
      All in all, it is probably a question of personal taste: do you want to remain flexible and be able to spontaneously stay longer in a beautiful place? Or is it important to know in advance where you will be staying and at what price?
      We have found that it is more relaxing for us to have done most of the organisation before the holiday. This saves time and research effort on each individual hiking day and, last but not least, is a good way to get up and keep hiking even on a rainy day :-)

      In any case, I hope you have fun hiking! The weather in September is fantastic!

      Many greetings from Hamburg

  9. hello frank,

    thank you for this very clear and well-done website about the GR 92. that was / is a r b e i t !
    in the run-up to a tour planned for the end of april / beginning of may 2018, i stumbled across in the rother hiking guide that the nature reserve and bird sanctuary south of emporiabrava is closed in the breeding season from 01/04 to 30/06. does this also apply to the GR 92 running along the south-western edge or alternatively to the beach walkers? if this is really the case, i would include this information in the main text at the top, because if you don't know this in advance, you will have to change your entire plans - and possibly your fixed bookings - at some point during the tour. ...

    GLG from the left lower rhine


    • Hello Thomas,
      Thank you for the tip. I will follow up on the tip and find out again whether the closure only affects the marsh area or also the adjacent beach.
      See you soon!

      • Hello Thomas,
        I just checked with the visitor centre of the nature reserve. It is just as you and the Rother hiking guide said: The path directly on the beach is closed during the breeding season (01.04. to 30.06.). However, there is an alternative path directly through the nature reserve (see dotted route on the last page of the guidebook). this flyer. I have adjusted the information on stage 4, there are now also two different variants in the GPX file download.
        Thanks again for the tip!

  10. Hello Frank

    sensational website - at the beginning I couldn't believe that there was no hook :-) Thank you very much!
    We want to walk at the beginning of April and fly to Girona. My idea was to find a hotel with an airport shuttle for the first and last hotel. That should make the journey easy. Do you have any experience with this?

    LG Wilfried

    • Hello Wilfried,
      Thank you very much for the compliment! For me this website is a great holiday memory and a kind of extended photo album :-)
      I do not have any experience with travelling via Girona, but due to another enquiry I had already heard the Girona Airport public transport connections researched.
      As far as I can tell after a brief research, only the following offers in Girona this hotel offers an airport shuttle service - but for a fee. It will certainly be cheaper to take a taxi.
      Have fun hiking in April!

  11. Hey you two,

    you guys are a blast with your pages here!
    After I was inspired last year by your page on the La Gomera circular walk to do it over Christmas (in only a slightly modified form), I have now discovered that you also have this one for the Costa Brava, a madness! ;)
    My question would be: For La Gomera, my hiking poles were a must. I always use them in the meantime to avoid getting aching knees after 6 days of steep descents (Tenerife!) and simply as a workout for my arms. But do you think you could leave them at home? Then hand luggage would finally be enough again ;) The metres in altitude here are human and I would also "only" walk 7 days to Palamos. But you say you shouldn't underestimate it. Is it quite hard on the knees, e.g. compared to La Gomera (there it's between 600 and 1000 hm a day)?
    Thank you for your answer.


    • Hello Marco!
      You are right in your assessment: the hike is easily doable without hiking poles. Although there is a lot of rough and smooth walking (hiking boots!), the Elevation profile However, it is easy to see that longer, steep descents are the exception rather than the rule. Apart from stage 9, there are a maximum of 200-300 metres of descent at a time.
      We hiked all 10 stages without poles - no problems in this respect. Unfortunately, in a fit of recklessness, we only had hiking shoes with us and no hiking boots... so at this point it's better not to save on luggage :-)
      Many greetings

      P.S.: Nice that you have "stumbled" across us several times now! We are working hard on our holiday planning this year - aka on more stumbling blocks :)

  12. Hello Frank,

    Thanks for the quick answer, I want to book the flight today and will now just risk it with hand luggage, which forces you to take even less (although I always stay under 10 kg anyway, but on Tenerife with hand luggage I had 6 kg!) And it's best to swap your system camera for a travel camera beforehand ;)

    I also discovered your coastal route in the Algarve here, as I originally wanted to do the Via Algarvina. However, there is sometimes no accommodation or only bed camps (at Marmelete and Bensafrim), so you have to plan detours with buses if you like single rooms like me. The coastal tour would therefore be an alternative, maybe I'll be the first climber someday and can report here ;)


  13. Hello Frank,
    I did the Gomera round trip at the end of November/beginning of December. Your description, the tips for the overnight stays were very helpful, the website is really great, thank you very much! However, long and strenuous stages....
    I'm now thinking of doing the Costa Brava hike from mid-March.
    But it seems to be difficult with the accommodation: your tips for the first stages don't seem to work.
    Can you always find something locally? The overnight stop on stage 3, for example, is not possible and Booking.com doesn't show any alternatives either.

    • Hello Stefan,
      Thank you for your praise and your question. Mid-March is indeed quite early for the Costa Brava and not all hotels are open yet.
      I just checked the hotel availability for the first three stages in March:

      • Llançà: The Hotel Grifeu doesn't seem to open until the end of March, but the Hotel Carbonell is open and still has rooms available on almost all days in March. Only the night from 15 to 16.03.2018 seems to be fully booked there. Have you perhaps just caught this night?
      • Cadaqués: should not be a problem, booking.com shows a sufficient selection here.
      • Stopover in Cala Jóncols: there is only one hotel here and it only opens on the last weekend in March. In this respect, it might be more worthwhile to stay two nights in Cadaqués and explore the great area there a little longer. Stage 3 is actually quite long, which is why we recommend shortening the last, less attractive part by taxi.

      I hope this helps you a bit with your planning!
      Many greetings

  14. Hello Frank,
    Thank you for this great site! Is there a decent mobile signal on the way from Cadaques to Roses? I want to do the route in the opposite direction (i.e. from Roses to Cadaques) - is the "GR 92 marking" consistently good?
    VG Stephan

  15. Hello Frank,
    First of all, congratulations on your great GR 92 site!
    We are planning to do the GR 92 hike in the same way based on your route planning. At the moment, however, I am stuck on stage 3 Cadaques to Roses.
    Here you estimate a walking time of 8:30h, whereas Googlemaps assumes 4:40 with the same route. Where does the difference come from? Because of the duration, we actually wanted to make a stopover at the Hotel Cala Joncol. But I hesitate here, because the walking time according to Googlemaps from Caraques to there is only 1:40h at 7.2km.
    It wouldn't really be worth adding an extra stage if the Google walking time is correct. I look forward to your assessment!

    VG Andreas Seckelmann

    • Hello Andreas,

      Thank you for your question and the praise :-)
      In my opinion, Google Maps is not a good reference here. Firstly, you are probably walking with a 10kg backpack, which automatically makes you slower than the normal Google walker. And on the other hand, Google doesn't really seem to take into account the difference in altitude. At https://www.bergwelten.com/a/bergsteigen-berechnung-der-gehzeit there is a rule of thumb for calculating the walking time, taking into account the metres in altitude. For stage 3, I calculated a walking time of just under 7 hours (21.5 km, 550 m ascent, 550 m descent). That's not yet 8:30 hours, but it's a lot longer than Google says. With a bit of a safety buffer because of the heavier backpack, I think it's easy to get to 8 hours + breaks.
      The stage can be shortened, however, by ordering a taxi at the end of the nature reserve at the first possibility (Playa de la Almadraba). That's what we did at the time and it can be done in one day.

      You are right, the hike to the Hotel Cala Joncol is quite short (about 2:30h to 3:00h because of the 300 metres in altitude), so a relaxed half-day hike.
      I hope this helps with the planning!

      Many greetings

  16. Hello Frank!
    Your site is really brilliant!
    I would like to hike part of the trail during the Whitsun holidays from 22 to 29 May this year.
    Is it possible to do this without booking accommodation in advance? And are there also cheap small family guesthouses or B&Bs along the route?
    Regards Christa

    • Hello Christa,
      Thank you very much for your feedback! I think it should be possible to find accommodation at short notice in May, as there is quite a lot on offer on the Costa Brava. Depending on which part you want to walk, it might make sense to book individual nights beforehand.
      In Llançà (stage 1) there are very few hotels or guesthouses and more holiday apartments.
      Very popular is Cadaqués (stage 2). Especially at weekends and also outside the high season, finding accommodation can be difficult (and/or expensive).
      And in Torroella de Montgrí, due to its location in the hinterland, there are only a few places to stay.
      Many of the smaller guesthouses and B&Bs can also be found on booking.com.
      Have fun hiking - you really chose a beautiful time of year for the route!

  17. Hello Christiane,
    Many thanks for the tips! I have already booked the flight today.
    Regards Christa

  18. Hello Frank,
    Your professional site already inspired us last year, so that we have now planned and booked our hike for the end of May and beginning of June.
    I still have a small problem with the GPS data on my Garmin. After I have loaded the GPX data onto my Garmin, I only get the first km of the track displayed, the remaining km of the stage do not appear. What could be the reason for this? Maybe you have a tip.

    Thank you very much and best regards!
    Claudia & Josef

    • Hello Claudia & Josef,
      Since I don't use a Garmin device myself and have opted instead for the app variant of ViewRanger, remote diagnosis is difficult.
      In case it doesn't work at all with the GPX files, I have added two new features here on the site since a few weeks:

      • The map view of each individual stage can be enlarged by clicking on full-screen display (full-screen icon below the zoom buttons).
      • You can localise yourself on the map (button in the top right-hand corner).

      Provided you have a mobile data connection, this gives you a halfway usable navigation alternative on the road that does not require an app installation, GPX file import, etc.
      Many greetings and have fun hiking!

  19. Hello Christiane and Frank, we have already booked - your great site has made so much desire! I knew beforehand that we didn't have enough time for 3 days, but I didn't want to let that stop me...now I don't see it so clearly...do you have any tips on where we can save money/ maybe shorten it with public transport/ hitchhiking, or what we should definitely not miss?
    A thousand thanks for your effort and your patience in answering all the questions here....
    VG, Antje

    • Hello Antje,
      nice compliment, thank you :-)
      Have you been to our Stage overview Have you already discovered the column on the far right ("Scenic Highlights")? If you use this as a guideline, it automatically follows that you should leave out the end. With "three days too few", I think stages 1 to 7 are a very coherent overall tour with a lot of variety. I have already logically excluded the optional additional stage between 3 and 4.
      I hope that this has helped you a little...
      Have fun on the Costa Brava!

  20. Hello Frank, thank you for your answer. Then that's what we'll do and we're looking forward to it. You can get back to Barcelona from almost anywhere.
    Best wishes and have a nice holiday tomorrow, Antje

  21. Hello,

    I wanted to enquire about accommodation.
    My plan is to walk the trail at the end of August.
    As I am a student and therefore want to finish this trip with as little costs as possible, I wanted to ask for experience reports.
    What is inexpensive/recommendable (very simple rooms are enough for me)?
    B&Bs, hotel rooms,...?

    How busy is the path, do you meet many people while walking?

    The path looks beautiful in the photos!
    Apart from the stage destinations, is it heavily built-up or really just pure nature?

    Thank you in advance!
    LG, Sophie

    • Hi Sophie,

      There is a lot of cheap accommodation on the Costa Brava, but the end of August is still high season and it could be quite expensive, especially on the most beautiful part of the hike through the Cap de Creus nature reserve on stages 2 and 3. Tip: for a quick overview of possible accommodation prices for your travel period you can use this table https://www.costabrava-wandern.de/tabellarische-uebersicht-reiseplanung-fuer-den-gr-92/ use.
      You are not completely lonely on the hike. The GR92 is not a hiking highway, but many sections are used for day or half-day hikes. The majority of the route really does lead through "pure nature", interspersed with small towns and villages. Large urban structures with several kilometres of city stretch at a time only exist in the bay of Roses and near Palamós. In some places on the Costa Brava there are also loose, villa-like buildings. The hiking trail then becomes more of a promenade, which I found quite varied and picturesque.

      I hope I have helped you a little!
      Many greetings

  22. Hello,
    as planned I walked from Rosas to Cadaques and back - VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! My recommendation: to walk from Montjoy through the mountains to Rosas - is at least as beautiful and you save the not so great route from the Almadraba to Rosas. You can't miss the way, there are only two ways into the mountains: one comes from Cadaques and the other leads to Rosas and is signposted. VG Stephan

    • Hello Franz,
      No, there's nothing wrong with that. You can also do the hike the other way round.
      Many greetings

  23. Hello Frank,

    What a super page, thank you very much! Is there any experience whether you can also walk the path in January. Of course it's colder then, but is it possible in principle?

    Greetings from Bavaria,

    • Hello Melanie,

      I once lived in Barcelona for a whole year and also did hikes in Catalonia in January. I can't think of any reason why you couldn't do the coastal hike in January!
      Of course, some hotels and guesthouses are closed for the winter, but in almost all places at least one hotel is open (you can check this quite quickly by using the Tabular booking aid).
      Only in Llançà (between stages 1 and 2) could it get a bit crowded, but in case of doubt you simply have to skip stage 1. Or if you want to spend the night, you can take the train from Llançà in 15 minutes to FigueresThat would also work in a pinch.

      Have fun in January on the Costa Brava!

  24. Dear Frank, it is so great how you run the site and help others with your experience. Respect!!! We need your experienced advice too. We are starting the - GR 92 on Thursday. Unfortunately, my partner has developed major knee problems. We may have to abort. Which place would be the nicest to spend our holiday and maybe make small excursions? Thank you very much in advance. Emma

    • Hello Emma,

      thank you very much for the compliment :-) Hope your knees hold out! It's best to plan shorter stages, the first three are really the most beautiful and can easily be divided into 5 or 6 days:
      Stage 1 is already quite short. Stage 2 can be roughly halved if you include an overnight stop in El Port de la Selva. And in the description of stage 3, we already recommended an overnight stop in Cala Joncols. If you then include a rest day in Cadaqués, you have 6 days.

      Otherwise, the coast between Tamariu and Calella de Palafrugell (stage 7) is very beautiful. From there you can also make nice trips to the interesting Girona...

      I hope this helps a little!

  25. Hello Frank,
    I just came across this page with enthusiasm. Someone asked about luggage transport. There are at least French providers for this with hotel bookings though.

    My question:
    Can I take a dog on public transport in Spain? I had the unpleasant experience today in France in Cerbère that dogs are not allowed after walking all day from Banyuls and waiting two hours for the bus:(

    • Hello Mira,
      I can't speak for the whole of Spain, of course, but I've just read about it in the Transport conditions from Moventis/Sarfa (Moventis/Sarfa is the company that operates most of the bus lines on the Costa Brava). The only exception is for guide dogs or similar.
      I'm afraid that's the way it is.
      I hope you can still enjoy the Costa Brava!
      Many greetings

  26. Hello Frank,
    my wife and I walked the GR92 according to your recommendations - SUPER beautiful long-distance hike!!!
    Thank you very much for the many very useful tips and tricks, also for getting there and back. (Aerobus, train etc..)
    Only in a few places did your GPX track deviate from the signposted route. (The path was moved a bit in these places, you could still see the old markings).
    Thank you very much for your great site...
    Greetings Heike & Jochen

    • Hi Frank,

      I have just completed the GR92 from Portbou – Tossa de Mar, hiking alone for the last 10 days. It's been fantastic and invigorating, and I've loved the stunning scenery, even in 28 degree weather (which I didn't expect at the end of October!) I didn't come across many people hiking the trail at this time of year, and those I did seem to be doing it in reverse (or perhaps it's just more likely to cross paths with reverse hikers!) I relied heavily on your blog and information for planning this and the GPX files. Without which I'm not sure I would have felt confident to take the trip alone. Interestingly, I accidentally took a 'short cut' on day two Llança – Cadaqués, following the GR92 signs before the descent into Cadaques, which deviated quite a lot from the GPX files (by the time I checked my phone, it was quite a long way for me to backtrack). It was a bit confusing because I came across an electric fence by following the official signage, which I decided to climb under rather than backtracking. All worked out in the end, and I probably saved myself a few hours extra hiking. I definitely appreciated having the back up of the trail on my phone to double check throughout this trek. Anyway, a huge thank you for putting this information together, as it's really helped me to be feel inspired and equipped to do this walk. I look forward to reading about some of the other trails you have done.

      All the best

      • Hello Ella,
        I'm glad you liked the Costa Brava and that my website helped you :-) I think the route on stage 2 is also a bit confusing because the GR 92 and Camí de Ronda run differently (otherwise almost congruent). The main thing is that you arrived safely!
        Many greetings!

  27. Hello Frank,
    We walked the first stages of the trail this year from the end of June to the beginning of July and it was just super beautiful! Great stages, such impressive landscapes, very nice accommodations (almost all according to your tips) - every day was unique and an experience. It was quite hot, but we made the best of it - we took it easy and bathed every now and then. The Spaniards thought we were a bit crazy... ;-) But the beach behind Empuriabrava (which is closed from April to June) was worth every drop of sweat... :-)
    It was a rather spontaneous decision to go the way we did, and without your valuable tips on accommodation, maps and travel we certainly wouldn't have done it. Many thanks for that! It's rare to see such a professionally run site with so much heart and soul. My compliments! We will certainly try out one or two of the other routes you report on at some point - the Algarve in particular appeals to us. It's great that you've set your sights on it now. :-)
    Many thanks and best regards from Munich
    Andi and Tanja

    • Hello Andi and Tanja,
      Thank you very much for your compliments! Yes, to the Algarve I'm looking forward to it too!
      Best regards from Hamburg!

  28. Hello Frank,
    We are thinking about hiking the GR 92 next year in March. We are just not quite sure whether March is a good hiking month yet. Can you tell us something about this?

    Many thanks
    Oliver & Marion

    • Hello Oliver & Marion,
      The hiking season on the Costa Brava definitely starts in March. It's still a bit fresher then than in April or May, but according to the Climate diagram often quite sunny. Only for swimming it is still a bit too cold.
      Many greetings

  29. Hello Frank,
    we would like to hike sections of the GR92, but only have 4 days hiking time. Saturday arrival in Barcelona. Friday to Wednesday hike, Thursday return flight from Barcelona. Do you have any recommendations for this: Nice stage sections, smart travel to a starting point, good return connection to Barcelona starting point. Travel time is in April.
    I would be very pleased to receive an answer.
    Kind regards Gilla

    • Hello Gilla,
      Of course I have a recommendation for you! And you surely mean "Sunday to Wednesday hiking", don't you? :-)
      As you can see in the Overview as you can see, the first three stages are the most scenic from our point of view (nature reserve Cap de Creus). If one as in Stage 3 described two nights in Cadaques overnight stay, it becomes four wonderful hiking days! Arrival by train (see Arrival) and return from Roses by bus & train (bus to train station in Figueres, links also under Getting there).
      Have a great hike!

  30. Hello Frank,
    My wife and I are planning the first 6 stages for the beginning of September. Thanks to your great and detailed site, it's really easy. But we have not yet been able to solve one small problem.
    We want to go by car as far as Portbou. At the end of our hike (stage 6) we will spend the night in Begur. From Begur we have to get back to our car in Portbou. Unfortunately, we can't find any information about public transport. Maybe you can help us.
    Thank you in advance and best regards
    Daniela and Christoph

    • Hello Daniela and Christoph,
      yes, in this case the public transport is unfortunately a bit more complicated. To get an overview, I really like to use the public transport app https://moovitapp.com. Here there seems to be at least one connection with only one change on weekdays at 07:00 (first bus, then train), otherwise numerous connections with multiple changes.
      I have also just finished the chapter Bus connections updated. The 7 o'clock connection mentioned above (if it still exists in the same way in September), seems to be a bus connection from https://compras.moventis.es (I changed trains in Bordils, a suburb of Girona - I probably wouldn't have found this connection that way either).
      In Begur, bus tickets are probably also sold in the Tourist information sold.
      Conclusion: You can definitely come back to Portbou, but you should plan enough time or get up early if necessary.
      Many greetings and good luck with your planning!

  31. Hello Marion, Oliver and Frank! I only came across this fantastic site today by chance. Great, and although I have walked the GR 92 in many variations - also in sections - around 10 times and will probably continue to do it once a year, I have received a lot of new information here. Thanks for that!
    However, let's say that I / we have had rather bad experiences with the month of March. I would recommend January, but check which hotels/guesthouses are open. In 2017 I went in March and had the problem: storm. In 2018 I went at the end of February and a good friend at the beginning of March, problem: storm! It may be better from the end of March, and maybe it was coincidence, but local residents spoke of a fairly regular phenomenon. These are extremely strong downdraught winds from inland, which really made it difficult for me and the friend to move forward, as they also lasted for several days, so really with sand in the eyes, falling trees and breaking branches. These winds are known locally and also have a name, ... but I can't think of it right now, but they seem to be an annually recurring problem. As I said, from my experience better to plan for December, January or then again from April. Thanks again and best regards to all, Martin.

    • Hello Martin,

      Thank you very much for your valuable feedback! I'm planning a separate FAQ page in the near future anyway, so that you don't have to laboriously work your way through all the comments. I would then explicitly include the storm topic there.
      Many greetings

  32. Hello, thank you for this great homepage! I would like to walk the trail in March. Is the trail very busy at that time? Hotels & hostels are probably not open yet, right?

    • Hello Laura,
      As far as I can tell from Hamburg, most hikers are out and about in April/May or September. However, hotels and guesthouses are already sufficiently open in March - if you already know your exact starting date, you can with our tabular booking aid quickly get an overview.
      You did read Martin's tip about the spring storms on the Costa Brava, didn't you?
      Many greetings

  33. Hello Frank

    I am currently planning a gap year, which would start in the summer. I am now thinking of walking from Switzerland to Lisbon along the south coast. There, the GR92 would be a possibility. However, as a 20-year-old woman, I will be travelling alone. Do you think that the hike would be possible under these conditions and with luggage for a year, or would it be relatively safe or rather too dangerous?
    Thank you for your answer.
    Kind regards

    • Hello Sharon,
      Congratulations on your beautiful plan! I've just calculated the distance and come up with about 3,000 km, if you walk completely along the coast. In terms of distance, that should be easily doable in a year, which is less than 10 km per day on average.

      When it comes to luggage, you should plan on changing your equipment several times along the way: if you start alpine in Switzerland, you will need completely different clothes than later in the south of France or Portugal. Either you have someone who sends you parcels from Switzerland to your stopovers in good time and accepts your returns. Or you can buy new clothes on the way.
      As far as the safety aspect is concerned, I can only give my subjective assessment: hiking all alone is dangerous, especially in alpine environments (whether as a man or a woman), in case you get injured on the way, have no mobile phone reception and no one to call for medical help. However, if you are on popular long-distance alpine hiking trails in the season, you can usually find nice fellow hikers (for days), so that this problem almost solves itself. On the Costa Brava, however, I see no reason to advise against hiking alone.
      Many greetings to Switzerland!

  34. Hi Frank, unfortunately we can only fly to the Costa Brava for 4-5 days. We were thinking of visiting some important places/sights by car. However, we would like to do two coastal walks without having to drive (GR92left/right). Could you perhaps give us a tip as to which place would be suitable as a f e s t e r location in order to have beautiful views and walking experiences in both directions?! Thank you in advance and many greetings from the Ruhr area Iris

    • Hello Iris,
      If you are travelling by car anyway, I would recommend Cadaqués as a starting point for two days of hiking. It is relatively isolated in the middle of the Cap de Creus nature reserve (destination of stage 2).
      On one day you could, for example, do a hike from Cadaqués to the Lighthouse at the far end of the nature reserve and back.
      On the other day, it is a good idea to take the bus to Roses early in the morning and from there hike back to Cadaqués via the GR92 (from the bus station in Roses, if necessary, there is still a a bit by taxi to the beginning of the nature reserve).
      I hope you have fun on your short break!

  35. Hi Frank, I would also like to hike this trail. If I go alone as a woman, should I expect any difficulties ? It would be my first multi-day hike alone.
    Thank you very much for your answer and best regards Erika

    • Hello Erika,
      Great that the route inspires you to do your first long-distance hike!

      • I don't see any particular risks on the Costa Brava when it comes to "being alone as a woman". Barcelona is considered a stronghold of pickpockets, but this problem affects men just as much. And you don't necessarily have to spend the night in Lloret de Mar at the end of the hike and plunge into the notorious nightlife.
      • I find that the route is very suitable for a first long-distance hike/multi-day hike, as you can halve or shorten the individual stages in many places. This way you don't overdo it - especially if you don't yet have any experience of how well you can keep going with multi-day luggage on your back. If I were you, I would take a little more time and especially try to avoid stages longer than 7 hours at the beginning (overnight stopover or shortcut by taxi).

      Many greetings

  36. Hello Frank,
    Thanks to your great description, together with a friend I walked the GR92.
    We walked from Portbou to Palamos at the end of September. We pre-booked the first accommodation in Barcelona, Llanca and Cadaques and the rest the day before arrival via booking.com.
    We were able to keep to the stated walking times without any problems, although I would personally recommend walking poles.
    I can unreservedly recommend the hike itself. It is simply fantastic. Without your site, which we found by chance, we would never have walked here.
    Thanks again.
    Many greetings

  37. Hello Frank,
    I just did the Costa Brava hike before Easter.
    Great description, good hotel tips, thanks!
    The time before Easter is also recommended for the tour: most hotels (not all) are open, but there are hardly any guests yet and the prices are still very reasonable.
    One hint that might be helpful: to get there, you recommend the Passeig de Gracia station. This station exists twice! One is the metro station and the other, also underground, is where the regional trains leave. Both are close to Plaça de Catalunya, a few streets apart. I was first sent to the wrong station and then unfortunately missed my train.
    Otherwise, everything worked out wonderfully.
    Best regards

    • Hello Stefan,
      Thank you very much for your feedback! I know the problem with metro and regional trains at the Passeig de Gracia station and that's why I had put the logo of the regional trains on the page. After your experience, however, I have now highlighted it even more clearly in the text.
      Many greetings

  38. Hello Frank,
    Thank you very much for your great, informative and inspiring site!
    While looking for a beautiful hiking trail for April/May, I stumbled across your site at the beginning of March and read about the GR92 for the first time. Now I am back from a beautiful and enriching trip.
    I walked with hiking boots and poles throughout; this is perhaps occasionally a little overdone, but in many cases very pleasant. I booked the accommodation the evening before or in the morning, when I knew more or less where I wanted to end up in the evening. That worked out very well.
    I can highly recommend this long-distance hiking trail to everyone!
    Thank you very much again!

  39. Hello Frank.
    Next week, starting on Thursday, I want to hike sections with friends. Roughly between Tossa and Begur. Maybe a little further. Always with a daypack. We have a hotel in Platja Daro. I have 2 questions. 1. because of a foot problem I can only wear hiking sandals at the moment, I'll take poles with me. Do you see a big problem there?
    You recommend hiking boots.
    2. do you have any tips for us on how best to do this? We always plan to walk part of the way. And then take the bus there or the bus back. The distances should be between 10 and 20 km, depending on how strenuous and demanding the route is.
    Thank you very much.
    Many greetings Susanne

    • Hello Susanne,
      Our recommendation for hiking boots applies especially in combination with heavy (long-distance) luggage. With a much lighter daypack, things look different again. On the section you want to tackle for a day, I don't remember any scree fields or the like. But it is constantly up and down, over stones and rocks, then again over sandy beaches, forest or field paths. Closed shoes would be safer. But I don't see a "big" problem.
      To your second question:
      Under Arrival you will find a Costa Brava Buses section. The link to Moovit there should help you plan your day hikes. Platja d'Aro is not so well connected, e.g. it is very difficult to get from there to Tossa de Mar.
      Many greetings and have a nice holiday!

  40. Hello.
    Thank you for the information.
    We are there now and everything has worked out great so far. Even with the bus trips.
    Many greetings

  41. Hello,

    Thank you for the inspiration. I was on the coast last November. The first few days I was a bit confused because the GR92 is not always identical with the Cami de ronda. The GR is pretty well marked. The Camins de ronda rather sparsely. On another page I found the definition that the camins de ronda are the paths that the police have taken to put a stop to smugglers. I found that rather fitting. For example, there is one that goes along the coast at El port de la selva, but is a dead end (at least the official path). These are sometimes developed as hiking trails, sometimes marked, sometimes trails, sometimes hair-raising. I tried to stay as close to the coast as possible, navigating with the GPS device. It was often quite adventurous. Recommended accommodation: Marakasa B&B Sant Antoni is wonderful, 15th Boutique Hotel in Cadaques very good, Pensio Torrent in L'Escala booked via booking, no one was present or available by mail or phone, Pensio Llanca very cheap and a complete disaster. A nice alternative to get from Roses to Cadaques would be a water taxi. However, the tourist office in Empuria did not reply to my mail request. Have fun on the way. Stefan

    • Hello Stefan,
      You are indeed right, I probably hadn't researched this in sufficient detail: The GR92 is not always identical with the Camí de Ronda. I'll have to clarify that. In all the years I've been running this website, no one has ever noticed!
      Thank you very much for your tips on where to stay. I included the Marakasa directly in stage 7, but I can only find the 15th Boutique Hotel in Lloret de Mar, not in Cadaqués. So you surely mean the one in Lloret, don't you?
      I find the idea of the water taxi charming, let's see if I can get something out of it. I have it in mind for the next revision.
      Many greetings

  42. Hello Frank

    This website is fantastic.
    My family (kids are 8,10,12 but very good walkers) would like to start this on 1st April 2020 - would it be too cold?


    • Hello Tanya,
      Thank you very much for the compliment! The temperatures in April are ideal for hiking. You can expect the following temperatures at the beginning of April - based on the average of the last few years: between 18°C and 20°C on average during the day, cooling down to an average of 6°C at night. On average, 7 hours of sunshine per day are expected.
      Even if your children are already very experienced hikers, I would plan the stages a little shorter than suggested here on the website. If you still need help, please contact me again!

  43. Hello,

    Thank you for the great site! You can find great information here and get inspired.

    Is it possible to extend the route at one end? We would like to hike a total of around 15 stages, and I wonder whether it would make more sense to start in France or to continue to Barcelona.

    I would also like to know if it is possible to camp wild along the way, is there any experience?

    Many greetings,

    • Hello Daniel,

      Thank you for your positive feedback! Regarding your question about the extension: For such rough planning considerations I use the interactive map at https://www.wanderndeluxe.de/interaktive-karte-fernwanderungen-selbst-planen/. There you can see all the marked hiking trails and at the same time get a rough overview of the places where you can expect accommodation. With the metre stick you can also easily estimate distances.
      On that basis, I would say:

      • Extend one stage at the beginning (Port Vendres to Port Bou)
      • Plan an additional day of hiking around Cadaqués (e.g. exploring the outermost tip of Cap de Creus + Port Lligat).
      • If necessary, hike the additional stage as well, see https://www.costabrava-wandern.de/variante-zu-etappe-3/

      That would be 13 stages. Between Lloret de Mar and Barcelona it is quite urban, which is not worth it in my opinion. It would be better to do a short hike in Barcelona, e.g. the so-called "Carreteira de las Aigues", a high-altitude trail below the Tibidabo (Barcelona's local mountain). From there you have a beautiful view of the city and the sea.

      Because of your question about wild camping, I refer you to my answer of 3 October 2017 above.

      Many greetings

  44. Hello Frank,
    We became aware of the GR 92 at the CMT holiday fair and then discovered this site. High praise, a super site.
    We want to do this multi-day hike in mid-September and have now decided to do it without luggage transfer. We hike a lot, this is our first multi-day tour, we are really excited :-)
    Now to our questions:
    Luggage storage in Barcelona, from when should these be reserved?
    Do we have to book our accommodation online in mid-September or is that also possible? So do we have to look for accommodation on the spot?
    Is it possible to book the train from Barcelona to Portbou the day before departure or is that too tight?

    Many thanks and best regards
    Jens and Nicole


    • Hello Jens and Nicole,
      thank you for the praise for the website :-)

      • The luggage storage service "Locker Barcelona" recommends booking at least a few days in advance. However, there are many other providers in case of emergency (see e.g. bagbnb.com)
      • Pre-booking overnight stays online? Yes, see my answer to Heike and Jochen. Link to the comment
      • The regional trains between Barcelona and Portbou do not require reservations, i.e. you simply book the ticket shortly before departure for the same day.

      Good luck with the planning! Hopefully in September you can travel Corona-free again!

  45. Hello Frank,

    while browsing the www for long-distance hikes we came across your super info page, and now the GR 92 has aroused our curiosity :-)))). Thank you very much for that !

    We are considering hiking the first 9 stages. We like to hike a lot, in the Harz mountains and the Alps. As we are both approaching the age of 60, and because we want to enjoy the hike, we are planning to include the luggage transport you mentioned. We would also like to stay two nights in 3, 4 or 5 places. Here is our question:

    Which stage destinations would you recommend as particularly worth staying at for an extra night each?

    -> Spanish knowledge is available ;-))

    Best regards from Hanover,
    Karsten and Silke

    • Hello Karsten and Silke,
      thanks for the compliment :-) I would plan an extra night at the following points:

      • after stage 3 in Cadaqués: many excursion possibilities and sights. In my opinion, you can even spend 3 nights at a stretch here if you have time anyway.
      • in the middle of stage 4 at Hotel Cala Joncols in the middle of the nature reserve. It is best to contact CostaBravaTaxi by phone for luggage transport, as the stop must be organised separately.
      • After stage 6 in Begur: very nice town centre, many excursion options nearby.
      • In the middle of stage 7: Stopover in Calella de Palafrugell. The scenically particularly beautiful, but also quite long stage 7 can thus be elegantly divided into two parts.
      • After stage 8 in Platja de Sant Pol or S'Agaró: quite a quiet beach town without too much hustle and bustle.

      Those would be my ideas. Good luck with organising and have fun hiking!
      Many greetings

  46. Dear Frank,
    Thank you for your marvellous site! We hope to be able to travel again this Fall (2021) and would love to hike a part of GR92 with our teenagers (11, 13, 16). Some sections are probably too long: they are able to hike 20km but I prefer to plan max. 16 in case of problems, weather, etc.. Do you have any suggestions how we can re-schedule the stages, especially 2 and 3? I looked up Hotel Cala Joncols but they seem not to offer lodging in the first week of November?
    Our idea is to travel by train (via Perpignan) and start in Portbou, for 5 hiking days. Any suggestion is highly appreciated!
    Best regards,

    • Hello Jessie,
      It's nice that you want to hike as a whole family! To shorten stage 2, it is possible to stay overnight in "El Port de la Selva". Either you simply plan an additional overnight stay. Or you can extend stage 1 by a few kilometres (full-day hike instead of half-day hike). The hiking route between "Llança" and "El Port de la Selva" is flat and easy to hike. Moreover, you can always shorten the hike there and call a taxi because the coastal road is not far away.
      Stage 3 can also be shortened very well by taxi: as soon as you have left the nature reserve and arrived in the first suburb of "Roses", the most beautiful part of the route is over anyway (https://goo.gl/maps/6vRES7Wc25GERsss9).
      This should allow stages 1, 2 and 3 to get by with less than 16km each.
      Many greetings and have fun hiking!

      • Addendum: Ideally, you should stay two nights in a row in Cadaqués and hike from there towards the top of Cap de Creus. Then you have already completed your 5 days of hiking!

  47. Hi Frank,
    Thanks for your information and reply, so great! That sounds very doable and leaves time for visits etc. At this moment, we are unsure whether we will be able to travel in fall (COVID-related, need for quarantine etc), and we wonder whether Christmas-holiday might be a better timing to plan a family trekking at the Costa Brava Way. Do you think this is feasible with the weather?
    Thanks again and greetings from Leuven (Belgium)!

    • Hello Jessie,
      I wouldn't recommend the hiking route at Christmas. You can be lucky, but that would be a bit too risky for me personally. Let's hope that the situation with COVID will continue to ease...
      Many greetings back from Hamburg!

  48. Thanks, Frank! Then we will wait and see whether autumn is possible. If not, we will try Spring!
    Best regards from Belgium,

  49. Hello. Thanks for this helpful service! My wife and I plan to hike from Portbrou to Cadaquez in February 2022. I'm wondering: will it be difficult to find accommodations in the dead of winter? Our hope is to leave a car in Cadaquez and get a ride to Portbrou to start our hike. Would the transport services mentioned in other comments operate in winter?
    Any general comments about our plan, route, where we might stay, advice... any and all would be appreciated.
    Hoping for some guidance,


    • Hello Mike,
      very much :-) I think you should book in advance for accommodation in February - there are some places that are open, but I would rather book in advance. The Costabrava taxis should also be open in winter - it's best to call them in advance (http://www.costabravataxi.com). I have no experience of parking in Cadaquez, but there is at least one paid parking facility from the Spanish provider "SABA": http://www.saba.es/en/parking-finder.
      Everything about the hiking route and accommodation recommendations can be found here on the website.
      Have fun hiking!

  50. Hello Frank,
    Thank you for all the information and pictures.
    We will start at the end of May 2022. But we will hike from St Feliu to Tamariu, then by taxi to Roses. From there we will hike to Collioure.
    I know most of the stages in between from day hikes.
    Is there a reason why you started in Portbou? I found 2 variants via Cap Creus. One is the route described here and the other is the route past the lighthouse. Which is the original route? Which of the two is recommended? I know the area around the Cap.
    Thank you in advance for more information.

    Many greetings Claudia
    We are already looking forward

    • Hello Claudia,
      The Catalan "Camí de Ronda" and the GR92 long-distance hiking trail are largely congruent on the Costa Brava. At the Cap de Creus, however, as you rightly pointed out, the two trails run differently: The GR92 is the more direct trail between "El Port de la Selva" and "Cadaqués" (see Stage 2). The "Camí de Ronda", on the other hand, winds past the lighthouse and is about 7 km longer. The route past the lighthouse is certainly more attractive, but because of the longer distance you should stay overnight in "El Port de la Selva" (and not in Llança as we did).
      In principle, there is nothing against extending the hike to France (or starting there, depending on the direction). We just wanted to hike along the entire Costa Brava, which, as we know, ends and starts at the French border. Besides, we found 10 stages long enough.
      Greetings and have fun in May!

  51. Hello Frank,
    Thank you very much for the quick reply and the tips. I will report back in June how we liked it. The area is beautiful. Our caravan is permanently parked in Estartit, so I already know parts of the route from a few daily stages.
    Best wishes and a healthy and exciting 2022

  52. Hello Frank,
    we will finally hike the GR92 this year....because of Corona it was not possible for us.
    Question, there was a direct train connection from Barcelona to Portbou two years ago.
    However, I can no longer find them on the web and RENEFE only tells me that tickets can only be bought at the station.
    Do you have more information here?
    Many thanks for your help and best regards
    Nicole Winter

  53. Hello Frank,
    I agree with all the "previous speakers": A mega-helpful and very great site with a lot of information, certainly a lot of work and noticeable heart and soul! Thank you for it!
    Unfortunately, I have a terrible fear of heights. I can't manage precipices and steep slopes as well as bridges over 30 metres deep (but I'll be doing a little coaching on this before the hike in September).
    Do you think I can still take the plunge?
    And where are the really bad places that I can best avoid or shorten?
    And if it is still too hot at midday in early September: Is it possible to get a taxi in every town and what is the approximate fare for 10 kilometres?
    Thank you for your help and best regards

    • Hello Susanne,
      The feedback so far on the subject of fear of heights all refers to stage 3 (see description there). However, there is a possibility to avoid the steep parts by taking the road. On stage 7, I remember a relatively steep descent into a bay (but forested, i.e. not freely exposed). In case of doubt, however, this can be avoided by going back a bit and taking the next detour to the coastal road.
      I'm always particularly careful with my statements on the subject of vertigo, because I can hardly assess it myself. I would therefore not actively recommend the Costa Brava to you, but I would not advise you against it either :-) Overall, the route is unproblematic in large parts.
      You can find taxi price estimates here, for example: https://www.rome2rio.com/de/map/Cadaqu%C3%A9s/Roses#r/Taxi/s/0. If you get stuck, the friendly people at Costabravataxi (https://www.costabravataxi.de/).
      Many greetings

  54. Hello Frank!
    I am really enthusiastic about your website, we are planning a 4-5 day hike this year in October and find stages 1 to 3 very interesting, which we would then extend a little. As we would like to take our dogs with us, the question is whether the paths and hotels are suitable for dogs or are set up for dogs. Can you give us a tip?
    Many greetings

    • Hello Frank,
      Sorry for the late reply. With appropriate planning, I don't see any problems with dogs on stages 1-3: as far as I remember, the paths are suitable for dogs (no climbing spots or similar) and there are also some pet-friendly accommodations. The best thing to do is to filter booking.com for "pets allowed". The choice is then very limited, but with appropriate planning it is possible.
      Note: However, there could be problems with bus journeys - see https://www.costabrava-wandern.de/erfahrungsberichte-fragen/#comment-1714.
      I hope this helps you!
      Many greetings

  55. Hello Frank,
    Bravo for your site. I am unable to purchase the 3 maps of the Cami de Ronda. Several times I filled all the infos requested (email address, method of payment) and ticked the 2 boxes in the bottom, but when I click on the Payment button it does not go through. Instead the email box becomes red, despite the fact that my email is correct. Help please!

  56. Hello Frank,
    We have just done the hike from Llanca to Begur and would like to thank you for your information and GPX with a short report. Great site without question!

    Since your routes are always around 20km and we wanted to swim and relax in addition to hiking, we partly built in shorter parts. In addition, we arrived there at 38-40° Celsius and were quickly shown the limits.

    Our route went as follows:

    1st flight to Barcelona, suitcase with fresh laundry dropped off at a hotel for the last 2 days in Barcelona, departure by train R11 from Barcelona Sants (HBF) to Llanca, arrival approx. noon, 8km hike to Port de la Selva, overnight at Hotel Spa Cap de Creus.

    2. to Cadaques, approx. 12 km, overnight stay, GPX did not quite match the real route on the descent. Overnight stay at Hotel SÁguarda

    3. due to the heat the way with about 22 km to Roses was too hard for us, we went by boat from Cadaques to Roses in one hour, beach day, overnight stay Hotel Prestige Mar y Sol

    4. from Roses by taxi to St. Pere de Pescador, hike from there to LÉscala, approx. 11 km, beautiful beach approx. 1 hour before LÉscala - at Sant Marti dÉmpuries, overnight stay at Hotel Voramar.

    Continue towards Torella de Montgri, approx. 21km, here is the steepest part (behind the bay Platja de Montgo it starts up to the viewpoint Punta del Mila) and you should not be too dizzy. I also have problems with vertigo and there is about 10m in one passage that is a bit uncomfortable. The rest you can walk on well-trodden paths about 5-10m away from the cliff. But this is a purely personal assessment. Overnight stay at Hotel Palau Lo Mirador.

    6. further to Pals, approx. 16km, from there 5km by bus to Begur. We stayed there because I had shot my feet and we found the town very beautiful. From here, the holiday continued, but the hiking was over. Later we took the bus back to Barcelona and spent a few more days there.

    A lot of positive impressions and discovered a new side of Spain. Who has seen rice cultivation in Spain? Walked through a warm summer rain? Disadvantages were the heat (we wouldn't do this again in mid-June), 10 hotels in 14 days is bad for sleep. Transport was all very good, bus or train, cheap too. I highly recommend ankle-high walking shoes (A-B). We carried our personal things, like clothes, etc. by backpack. After 3 days of hiking, this works well. Just make sure you take enough water with you. Sometimes there is nothing to "refuel". Signposting is moderate or non-existent in some places, but mostly good. Make sure you have GPS software on your mobile phone (I use Maps 3D, costs less than 10 euros), also to find shortcuts in case something gets critical.

    Conclusion: Due to the heat, we hiked to the sunrise (beautiful) and were mostly already at our destination by noon. Afterwards we could relax and celebrate the classic holiday. We found this mix perfect. We will certainly repeat this on other routes.

    Thank you, Frank, for the good instructions and if you have any questions, please let me know.

    Simone and Jörg

    • Hello Simone and Jörg!
      Thank you very much for your detailed report! Of course, the heat is pretty bad. It's good that you were creative with alternatives and shortcuts. I'll have a look at the "Maps 3D" app. I'm still mourning ViewRanger, which was switched off a few months ago. And I can't really recommend any alternative from the bottom of my heart.
      And I took your hint about the 10 metres that are a bit too close to the precipice and that you found uncomfortable at stage 5.
      Many greetings

  57. Hello Frank,

    We flew to Barcelona on 5 July and spent one night at Ecozentric. As we arrived early, we were able to leave our backpacks and check in later.
    Then we set off on our long-distance hike
    1st stage Portbou to Llanca - in the morning with the R11 to Portbou - overnight stay in the Hotel Carbonell, here it was cloudy and drizzling.
    Stage 2 Llanca to Cadaques - overnight stay in Hostel Martina Cadaques - great location from the hotel, very nice hike.
    Stage 3 Cadaques to Roses - overnight stay at the Prestige Mary Sol - great coastal stretches
    Stage 4 Roses to Sant Pere Pescador - overnight stay at Hotel Can Cremt - here we did not want to walk along the road for the first part of the route and took the bus to Empuriabrava and from there through the nature reserve.
    Stage 5 Sant Pere Pescador to L'Escala - Overnight at RV Hotels Nieves Mar - breakfast was to go as we were on the road early.
    Stage 6 L'Escala to Torroella de Montgri - overnight at the RV Hotels Palau Lo Mirador, very stately - here we shortened the route due to the heat and hiked I'Estartit, took a break on the beach and then continued by bus to Torroella de Montgri. It was just too hot, we had over 35 degrees that day.
    Stage 7 Torroella de Montgri to Begur - overnight stay at Hotel Club Hotel Begur - here we also took the bus from Mals to Begur.
    Stage 8 from Begur to Palamos - overnight stay at Hotel Sant Joan - this was the first time we stayed in a hotel as it was a short stage.
    Stage 9 from Palamos to Sant Felix de Guixois - Overnight stay at Illusion Caleta Park
    10th stage from Sant Felix de Guixois to Tossa de Mar - overnight stay at Hotel Windsor - the hike was not easy because of the steep climb into the hinterland......there we were all alone and did not meet anyone. In Tossa de Mar we stayed 3 nights
    Stage 11 from Lorret to Tossa de Mar - we took the bus from Tossa to Lorret and then hiked to Tossa.
    From Tossa de Mar we went by bus to Barcelona where we spent two nights at Ecozentric.

    Our conclusion:
    Your hotel recommendations are great, we were not disappointed.
    The individual stages were all beautiful in their own way. Whether on the coast or in the hinterland, there were always new impressions. We shortened some of the hikes because of the high temperatures. It was very easy to get around by bus. We used the app "Moovit" for this.
    The country and the people were always very helpful, nice and accommodating.
    We didn't expect such high temperatures, but you get used to it and we left quite early in the morning.
    I have fond memories of an encounter in Roses. For breakfast we were in the back part of town. We were seated next to three elderly gentry who ate red wine with water and pork cheeks for breakfast. We talked with a translation app and hands and feet, it was just authentic.
    We can really recommend this long-distance hike and would like to thank you for your great suggestions, support and reporting.
    Many thanks say Jens and Nicole Winter

    • Dear Nicole, dear Jens!

      Thank you very much for your detailed report! I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the high temperatures - and that you found good ways to shorten some of the stages.
      Red wine with breakfast - I have experienced this on my hikes in Catalonia :-) A beautiful spot with many culinary and cultural specialities - and a large portion of joie de vivre!
      Many dear greetings

  58. Hi,

    I would like to thank you for the detailed description. I often go hiking alone and also very spontaneously (like now :-), and such blogs are a great help for me when I go to a new place. It simplifies planning so much. Travel blogs are often better than travel guides. So thank you! I look at your reports from other long-distance hikes and recommend you to others.

    Regards, Aleksandra

  59. Bonjour Franck, nous souhaitons faire deux étapes du GR92, Bégur/Palamos et Palamos-/St Féliu.
    Notre idée est de dormir a Palamos.
    Nous aimerions savoir s'il ya des bus pour nous porter de Palamos à Bégur et de Palamos à st Féliu?
    Thank you for your response.
    cordial element

  60. Bonjour, Je vais faire la randonnee de Collioure a Cadaques debut janvier. Au levelx des villes les plus sympas ou rester, avez vous prefere Portbou ou Llanca? (depending on your choice between the two)
    thank you

    • Hello Anne,
      difficult question :-) Portbou is quite small and especially in the low season it will be much easier to find accommodation and restaurants in Llançà. However, Portbou is more picturesque than Llançà, especially since the historic center of Llançà is a little inland.
      So if you find what you are looking for in Portbou, I would probably stay there if I were you. But it also depends a bit on your stage planning.
      I hope this helps you in some way.
      Many greetings

  61. Hi Frank
    Having recently retired and not having the usual time constraints i have been looking to go on hikes further afield. After countless hours of surfing the internet for ideas i eventually came across your site. Thanks for all the detailed information, I think you have covered everything. It is so refreshing to find a site that is just wanting to be helpful and share information it is appreciated.
    Having read all the positive comments i have gone ahead and booked flights out to Barcelona on the 6th March. very much looking forward to the journey

    • Hello Brian,
      Thank you for the compliment :-) I wish you a great time in Barcelona and on the Costa Brava!

  62. Hello,

    First of all, thank you very much for your great block. It gives us an incredible desire to travel. A friend and I want to walk the GR92 at the end of March. We're both still students and don't have the biggest budget available :). Do you happen to know if there is something like simple log cabins/youth hostels at the locations of the stages? Or can you go on the hike at the end of March with a tent without any problems?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Kind regards, Selina

    • Hello Selina,
      Thanks for the compliment on the website :-) Yes, there are a few youth hostels or hostels with shared rooms as well as tent sites on the Costa Brava. The best overview map with different accommodation types can be found here: https://www.catalunya.com/map (you may have to zoom out first to find Spain). However, there are only mountain huts in the mountains, not by the sea.
      Since I'm not the tent type (I belong to the "deluxe" category), I can't give you an assessment of camping in March.
      Unfortunately, it seems to me that the Costa Brava has become quite expensive, even in the off-season. I hope you can still manage somehow on a tight budget.
      Many greetings!

  63. Hi Frank,

    Thanks for the great info! Perhaps a tough question, but if you had to rank the stages from most scenic to least, how would you do it? Or alternatively, what were your favorite stages and why?


  64. Buenos dias Frank
    Me gustaria saber si el recorrido lo haceis con guia,si asi cual es el precio total,y si me puedes decir que es mejor empezar en Blanes o en Portbou,
    muchas gracias.

    • Hello Manuel,
      no, we were traveling alone. With the information on this website (and especially the GPX files), the tour should be doable without a guide.
      You can hike in both directions, it's a bit of a matter of taste. I think it's nice to walk towards the finish - and for us that was Barcelona (although we switched to public transport in Lloret de Mar).
      Many greetings

  65. Hello Frank
    we would like to hike the GR 92 in mid-May. Do you think it is necessary to book the hotels in advance? Or could we do it on site like the sensational Algarve Coastal Walk in Nov.2022?
    Kind regards

    • Hi Markus,
      I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the Algarve! In mid-May there is certainly more season on the Costa Brava than in November on the Algarve. You can get an overview quickly and easily by using my planning table: To the planning table. With just a few clicks, the search for accommodation opens in the right period.
      I would probably book in advance if I were you - at least in places like Cadaqués that seems a good idea to me.
      Many greetings

  66. Hello Frank
    We are traveling with a labrador bitch. Is this long-distance hike also recommended with a dog? What are the overnight accommodations with a dog?
    Kind regards

  67. Hi Frank
    I posted back in January that i was planning to hike the trail in March and i did.What an amazing experience even better than anticipated. I along with my good friend Gary flew out to Barcelona from the UK on the 6th March . Due to the flight time we had to amend the itinerary slightly. We arrived in Barcelona late afternoon and caught a train to Portbou, we had booked into hotel Totsompots in Colera, (one stop before Portbou) arriving around 21:30. After a good nights sleep and excellent breakfast we commenced the hike. Thanks to your site we had all the maps and information required for an excellent adventure.We only had six days to complete as much of the hike as we could as we were due back in Barcelona on the 13th March. We were fortunate with the weather,bright sunny days with cool evenings. We followed your suggested route and found the navigation quite straightforward. It was always good to see the little red and white stripes along the way denoting that we were on the correct path continued the hike over the next few days to Sant Feliu de Guixols, (our favorite place) Tossa de Mar and eventually to Lloret de Mar where we caught the bus back to Barcelona. The whole experience was unforgettable, all the accommodation was very good with lots of choice and availability the food was delicious wherever we ate. The scenery and views were stunning. The people we met in the places we stayed and encountered on the hike were all very friendly and helpful with suggestions.
    Both of us have not stopped talking about it since we got back and it has encouraged others to want to do the walk.
    Thanks again for publishing such a comprehensive site and i look forward to doing many more
    Cheers Brian & Gary

    • Hi Brian & Gary,
      Thank you for your feedback! I am very happy that you liked it so much!
      Best regards and see you next time :-)

  68. Hello Frank,
    I wanted to do the Costa Brava hike again from Sunday. But I noticed that from Easter, from Good Friday to Sunday, everything is fully booked, or only accommodation for prices over 250 €.
    Is there a chance to find something else locally? Private room or something?
    Or does anyone else have any tips?
    Best regards.

    • Hello Stefan,
      did you somehow find it? Or did you choose an alternative route?
      Unfortunately, I can't do anything about the prices :-(
      Hope you have a nice holiday anyway!

  69. Buongiorno Frank, compliments per il site!
    sto cercando di organizzare alcune tappe del Gr92 ad agosto, pensi sia fattibile?
    Ottimo il servizio trasporto bagagli, ma non ho capito a quanti bagagli si riferisce il prezzo per tratta.
    Noi siamo in 2 e abbiamo due zaini.


    • Hello Giusy,
      I would advise against doing the stage hike in August for two reasons: it will probably be quite hot, so hot that hiking all day could be unhealthy. And secondly, it might be difficult to find accommodation for single nights during the high season.
      As an alternative, I would spend a few days in one place and hike one or two stages from there. Cadaqués, for example, would be highly recommended as a starting point.
      About luggage transport: The prices for Costa Brava taxis are not per head but per stage and include up to 5 backpacks/suitcases. Ie as a couple or family you only pay the price once :-)
      Greetings to Italy!

  70. Hello Frank,
    I've just come back from my 4-day hike followed by a Barcelona city trip and I would like to say a quick thank you for the information you are sharing with all of us on your homepage. You worked through everything really well, which made planning a lot easier for me. Huge compliments for your great work!

    My 4-day hike consisted of the following daily stages:

    Day 1:
    Landed at Girona airport at 8am, from there by bus to Girona train station (approx. 2.50 euros) and then on the train to Portbou (train ticket was approx. 7 euros, bought at the local train ticket office). I was in Portbou at around 10:30 am. Then on to Llanca. Wonderful first half-day hike that makes you want more/sea!

    Day 2:
    Llanca - Cadaques (hike as you described. Super varied, first the sea is your direct companion, then you can always see it sparkling on the horizon from the mountainous hinterland). Great!

    Day 3:
    It's worth getting up early, at the Dalis house in Portlligat (15 minutes on foot from Cadaques) you can see a really great sunrise, then continue on the signposted hiking trail to Cap de Creus and back again (tip: deserted bathing bay near Cap de Creus). The hike there and back takes about 5 hours. In Cadaques you can then refill your drinks and food supplies. After another 2 hours of hiking, we arrived at today's destination: the Hotel Cala Joncols (100 euros/night). It's worth every penny! An absolute gem in the middle of nature, private beach right outside the front door and great breakfast. Splendid! Here you can relax after a long day of hiking.

    Day 4:
    On the GR 92 to Roses you pass the Cap de Norfeu. It is worth taking a detour from the GR 92 and a 45-minute hike (one way) to Cap de Norfeu, from where you have a fantastic view of the sea. Then it continues as described on the GR 92. This hike takes you past numerous beautiful beaches that invite you to swim. In Roses itself I can highly recommend the Hotel "Montmar", great value for money for a clean, modern hotel room (and the bus station for the next day is only a 5-minute walk away).

    Day 5:
    From the Roses bus station you can get to Barcelona for about 25 euros (2 hours drive, end station: Estación de Autobuses Barcelona Nord). There you can combine your trip with a city trip or fly back home (with two tears in your eyes, because the hike was far too beautiful).

    I can unreservedly recommend the GR 92 – even as a woman traveling alone. The hike is sufficiently signposted at all times and the paths are all easy to walk on. The perfect mix of sun, sea, wind, beaches, civilization and seclusion.

    • Hello Magdalena!
      Thank you, I am very happy! The feedback that you can recommend the hiking route as a woman traveling alone is also great. I'm often asked for an assessment - in the future I'll just refer to you :-)
      Many greetings from Hamburg

  71. Hello Frank,
    I did it similar to Magdalena, but I'm the first three stages to Roses. In Roses I stayed one more day and had a beach day (from Roses back to a beautiful bay). However, the plan was different and I wanted to do stage 7 but that doesn't work with public transport. From Roses it is easy to get to Barcelona without any problems, where I spent the rest of the week.
    The first three stages are great, even if the climbs are a bit dusty and the landscape is monotonous. The path is easy to do with light, half-height shoes. Temperatures were super ok (29.4 to 6.5.2023). The route is also well signposted.
    Until then

    • Hello Gerhard,
      glad that you enjoyed it! And thank you for sharing your experience! Stage 7 then just next time, right? :-)
      Many greetings

  72. Hello,
    Are all stages doable with a dog? I only found the answer regarding stages 1-3 above. Thank you in advance for the answer :)

    • Hi Laura!
      the biggest problem when hiking with a dog on the Costa Brava is the public transport, which you usually have to rely on for your arrival and departure. I linked the information above. Specifically, there are pet bans on buses and trains for pets weighing more than 10 kg. Apart from that, there are no problems with dogs in my opinion – purely in terms of the hiking route.
      I hope this helps you further!

    • Thank you for the reply :) We now have stages 1-3 planned for the end of October. There are only a few hotels with dogs, but we found one in every town. To avoid the problem with the bus, we drive from home to Portbou (we would have driven to Spain anyway), my partner drives the car alone to Roses and comes back by bus and train. At the end of the tour we arrive at our car in Roses and can drive home together.

  73. Hello Frank,
    Thank you for the great site with useful information. As a woman, I was also traveling alone (I can only agree with Magdalena - entry from April 29th, 2023) and I am very excited!!! I live near Bonn and traveled on April 26th, 2023 by train via Cologne (departure 7:45 a.m.), Brussels, Mompellier to Portbou (arrival punctually at 7:45 p.m.). I was in Cadaqués, Begur, Palamós and Tossa de Mar for two to three nights to take a break (do laundry, pedicure and leg care), see the place or go on vacation.
    In Palamós I was in the Museu de la Pesca (fishing museum, history of fishing on the Costa Brava from the beginning until today) in Tossa de Mar in the Museu de la Dona/Museo de la Mujer. I can warmly recommend both.
    In Lloret de Mar I also stayed at The 15th Boutique Hotel by Bondia near the bus station (agree Stefan, quiet hotel, good value for money) and a day later I took the bus to Girona, where I stayed three more nights . We took the train back to the Rhineland via Paris. Unfortunately, I was able to book tickets to Spain via Deutsche Bahn (neither over the internet nor at the station), but via the website http://www.thetrainline.com. Both on the outward and return journey, all trains were on time and I got the connecting trains without any problems.
    My conclusion: Don't underestimate the sticks. Even if you hardly climb any meters in some stages, the sections on the coast and in the hinterland should not be underestimated, nor should the dry climate. It is important that you prepare well in advance and build up your physical condition. Then the tour is really fun and the climbing sections in between provide variety!
    Best regards

    • Hello Bridget!
      That makes me very happy! Nice that you could take so much time! Museums were definitely neglected on our tour... Thanks for the tips.
      Many greetings

  74. in Sant Feliu de Guíxols we can warmly recommend the newly opened "Home away from home"!
    For me this accommodation was the highlight of the whole tour: in Mark and Bianca's newly renovated townhouse there are beautiful rooms with spacious bathrooms, a great lounge under the roof with a view and the best breakfast on the Costa Brava!

  75. bon jour

    Nous aimerions faire du bivouac pour les premieres tapes. J'ai constaté qu'il ya peu de camping, est-il possible de faire du camping sauvage ? Sinon, Ya t-il des sites ou applications recommended for trouver des hébergements ou lieux de campements pas trop cher pour la estival season?
    thank you

  76. Hi Frank,
    thanks for the great web site and information. We are thinking of doing 4-5 days on the gr92 in april 2024 but would like to avoid tarmac roads and paths as much as possible, much prefer to walk off road trails and paths etc. Any advice as to which stages are best to avoid roads and walkways.



  77. Hello, as a passionate "pilgrim" on the Way of St. James, I came across the Cami de Ronda and your great website yesterday.
    2 questions: Is it possible to go the other way (signposting/slope etc.) would very much like to have Barcelona as the destination.
    You meet other hikers along the way. I once canceled the Rheinsteig due to lack of company...
    Thank you for your great information!

  78. Thank you very much for this great site with sooo much information. I save them under my favorites so that I can plan my hiking holiday. Many greetings from the Lüneburg Heath from Conni

  79. We have hiked the GR92 starting in Portbou in October 2023 and like to share some information.

    We recommend a map or app showing small paths, so eg you can avoid walking on streets, if the GR92 follows partwise one. We used 'bergfex' and that was quite helpful.

    The start in Portbou is at the Petshop. Arriving by train just get out of the station and walk about 500 feet downhill into town and at your right you will find the start.

    Hiking in the Mediterranean heat after 1pm can be exhausting. You may like to avoid walking parts like Llanca to la port de selva, take a bus or taxi and start the hike over the hill to Caraquez before the heat at midday and in the afternoon.

    Be aware of some really steam and rocky parts, eg between L'Escale and Punta del Milà, where you need your hands, too. As well as you need adequate shoes - we recommend a hard sole.

    The stage from L'Escala to Torroella de Montgrí can be quite long and hard, especially if you want to climb to the Castell del Montgrí. Now the official GR92 goes around those 2 hills, instead of over these 2 tops. Walking and !!climbing!! the old path makes you understand why. (After a while you will find the old signs, in case you use the old way) We parted this stage in 2 -with a night in L'Estatit- aswell due to the heat during our tour.

    Finally be aware, that a lot of buses connecting tourist places are only running in the main season.

    • Hello Matthias,

      Thank you very much for your report and the many useful tips! You're right about the heat; due to climate change, the ideal hiking season will probably shift further and further into autumn.
      I also agree with you about the climb to the “Castell del Montgrí” – the hiking day was also the most strenuous for us back then…

      Many greetings

  80. It's possible to have a fair look at my Mars….

    Is your group really tired and you'll have to take a step and take a taxi?

    Thank you..

    Lyne du Canada

  81. Hello Frank

    Thank you for the directions. My friend and I did stages 2, 3 and 4 at the beginning of March this year. Since we didn't have that much time and didn't have that much training in hiking, doing the whole tour was too much for us at first. But the 3 stages were beautiful, and we also found the beginning of March to be a good time to travel, as there is very little going on.
    Since we want to hike to the Costa Brava next February/March (also with your website as a help :)) and I'm dealing with stage lengths and hiking times, I wanted to give some feedback on the walking times.
    As I said, apart from vacations, we don't hike that often, but we do it every now and then, and I think our basic fitness is quite ok. But it took us significantly longer to complete the stages than stated. In particular, stage 3, where the walking time is given as 4 hours, was significantly longer.
    I came across the following computer:
    You can select the altitude and route length and then a “norm” (from the German Alpine Club and the Swiss Alpine Club and others). In addition to the walking time, it also shows you the actual tour time (probably including the break that you need for the number of meters in altitude?), which I also find practical.
    According to SAC, the corresponding altitude difference in stage 3 (from Amalfi) is calculated to take around 4:30 walking time, according to DAV even 5:20 (that's roughly the time we needed). At 4 hours the information is quite “jagged”.
    I just wanted to mention this so that “casual hikers” like us don’t underestimate the times.

    Ah, and an additional “slowing factor” for us were the many dogs and cats on the way who wanted to be petted. ;-)

    Thanks for the great websites!
    Kind regards

  82. Hello Frank, I'm planning to walk the GR 92 in May next year. I'm experienced in trekking, so I shouldn't lack the necessary fitness level :-)
    What gives me a bit of a headache is the fact that in some places you are probably exposed to the fear of heights, which I unfortunately suffer from... In particular, there are probably around 10 meters where someone who is afraid of heights could have a problem. Is it possible to at least suspend or bypass this rather “tricky” point? It would be a shame if my plan failed because of this. Thank you very much and kind regards from Solingen

    • Hello Claudia,

      In your question you are probably referring to the information from Jörg (see comment). Jörg actually contacted me today and specified the location in more detail and described a possible workaround. It should look something like this:
      Bypass dizziness in stage 5. According to the Google Maps satellite image, there really is a path there - so that should definitely work!
      Best regards – and of course I’ll be happy if you report back afterwards!
      PS: And of course many thanks to Jörg for reading along and reacting quickly!

  83. Nous partons le 15 mars on the GR92. J'aimerais avoir vos conseils. Que pensez-vous de:
    Débuter à Saint Felu de Guixols pour se rendre à Begur en 2 ou 3 jours et prendre a transport (Quel type de transport prendre? Nous sommes 5) jusqu'à Portbou.
    Redescendre par la suite jusqu'à Begur.
    The idea is to begin the manière after it has been released.

    Qu'en pensez-vous?

    • Hello Lyne,
      Unfortunately I only discovered your question now. If still relevant: If you want to take it easy at the beginning, I would still start in Portbou and then possibly stay another night in Port de la Selva (Stage 2) or in the beautifully secluded bay of Cala Joncols (Stage 3). plan on.
      If you stick to your plan: There are the following connections between Begur and Portbou (first by bus, then by train): https://www.rome2rio.com/de/map/Begur/Portbou.
      Many greetings

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