Stage 1: Overnight stay in Llança

There is a wide range of accommodation in Llança, of which we can recommend the following, among others:

The 3-star hotel "Grifeu" impresses above all with its location directly by the sea.  From the street side, the hotel is rather inconspicuous, but a real highlight is the terrace facing the sea. Since the hotel is also directly on the GR-92, you are spared a diversion.

The 2-star Hotel Carbonell, on the other hand, is located in the historic centre of Llança. . This means an additional 20 min walk inland, but the diversions is worth it: Llança has a beautiful medieval centre and is very lively in the evenings thanks to numerous bars and restaurants.

The historic centre of Llança has an imposing tower.

Small but clean rooms at the Hotel Carbonell

The Hotel Carbonell has a roof terrace and is located in the historic centre of Llanca, a bit inland