Stage 7: Overnight stay in Palamós

The Hotel Sant Joan is located somewhat atypically for Palamós : It is not located near the seafront but is tucked away in the upper part of this big city.

The hotel is named after the district in which it is located. Sant Joan used to be an independent town, which can be seen from the narrow streets around the hotel, which don't really fit into the pattern of the big city of Palamós. We really enjoyed the location away from the tourist hustle and bustle.

The hotel has an old building and a new building, which are grouped around a beautiful garden with a pool and plenty of evening sun. The breakfast is excellent.

Hotel Sant Joan in Palamos: the rooms in the old building are a bit out of fashion but well-kept and clean.

Hotel Sant Joan in Palamos: well-kept garden in the evening sun

Overnight in Sant Antoni de Calogne (neighbouring town of Palamós)

Reader tip from Stefan: The Marakasa B&B in Sant Antoni de Calogne is said to be very worthwhile. Sant Antoni de Calogne is the direct neighbor of Palamós, the two places merge seamlessly. Stage 7 is about 2 km longer if you stay overnight at the Marakasa B&B (Link: Marakasa B&B).